Effective. Modern. Affordable. Acadmic.

Brno Summer School is set to be a modern summer school consisting of precisely prepared lectures for students who want to learn effectively. Additionally, on the level social program for successful networking is at Your disposal to expand Your contacts network from around the Europe and beyond.




Brno Summer School. Three words recognised by more students every year. Packed together with stellar history of ELSA, hospitality of Brno and knowledge of lecturers from EU, NATO, elite universities. All comes together to create a legendary week for You.



Brno Summer School continues to improve annually. Based on the feedback from our students, our worst is 9.2 points out of 10. What others aim to achieve, we have already overcome. Check details below.



Committed. That's the best word to characterise our team year after year. We will reveal this year's team in due time.



Or beLEAF (pun intended), is that You will be having the greatest memories about Your week in Brno. Top it with knowledge we provide during the week and You are set to the future.