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Law is the backbone of functioning society and we strive to empower young people with the knowledge to keep future legal development on right track. We do this by choosing right topics for Brno Summer School and flying over experts in the field to Brno.



Brno Summer School. Three words recognised by growing number of curious students. The brand speaks for itself through excellent logistics, well structured feedback and constant improvement. Our previous participants awarded academic programme of Brno Summer School 9.2 points out of 10. And that's the worst grade we've received.



International recognition. Brno Summer School is well recognised by academics all over Europe and we are able to pick the top of the notch for You. Flying over experts from NATO or EU is not impossible for us as we've done it before. And we will again. See our legacy through the button below.



Dedication. That's the word which embodies people working on Brno Summer School. Year after year, purposeful people are preparing this excellent project to somehow beat previous results. You may expect nothing less than in 2017. Explore our team through the button below.



Fulfillment. Our belief is that we will fulfill your expectations. In both academic and social programme of Brno Summer School, nothing else but Your satisfaction is the ultimate goal. In return, we humbly ask You to use Your newfound knowledge for good causes wherever Your journey will lead. Have questions? See our FAQ through the button below.