Who can apply to Brno Summer School?
Any law student with interest and basic knowledge in the topic of summer school. Write us about Your motivation in application!
Where can I apply to Brno Summer School
Brno Summer School is organised by ELSA Brno and as such has centralised application system reacheable through the button below!


What is the participation fee for Brno Summer School?
As low as 238 € if You are eligible through membership status with ELSA. Non-ELSA members who have already their master degree in law pay the highest fee. Even that's only 280 €.
Brno? Where is it, how can I get there?
Brno is situated approximately 135 km north of Vienna and is easily accessible via 6 international airports (Brno, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Katowice). Furthest one being Budapest, which is 4 hours by bus or train.
What's the working language at Brno Summer School?
English, obviously! You may learn something from Czech though or your fellows may teach you a word or two in their mother tongue!
Why is Brno Summer School different?
ELSA Brno is a well respected NGO with stellar history. We are well known for our top notch events. Beside our annual Brno Summer School, we recently organised European round of worldwide Mootcourt (EMC2) and biggest statutory meeting of ELSA (IPM) yet. Additionally, we organise over 100 recurring events annually.