So who is behind the organisation? Let’s present people who are responsible for this edition! .

Nela Janoušková - Director for Summer Law School

Hey guys! My name is Nela and I am a Director for Summer School and Head of Organizing Committee and I am responsible for a smooth run of the event. My main task before you arrive is to make sure everything is ready. And when you arrive? Then my job will be to entertain you, to solve any kind of problem which arises and to make sure you will have a great time during our summer school. I can´t wait to meet you all!

Anna Slaninová - Head of Academic Programme

Hi everyone, my name is Anna Slaninová and I am Head of Academic Programme for this year’s Summer ELSA Brno Law School on IT Law. I am organizing all the interesting lectures so that you acquire valuable knowledge of IT law. Of course whole Academic Programme shouldn’t be just about sitting on workshops and lectures so I am planning several institutional visits as well! But don’t worry I do have social programme plans on my mind so there is definitely going to remain enough time to enjoy your summer school not only in academic way!

Lukáš Tománek - Contact Person

Hey guys! I am Lukáš and I will be your contact person and guiding you through the whole process of SELS Brno 2019 programme. I am here to answer any questions you might have concerning your application, travelling to Brno, or your stay here. So do not hesitate to contact me- there are no silly questions! I will do my best to make your week with us in the SELS Brno 2019 as good as possible. Can't wait to meet you all!

Adéla Chloupková - Head of Finances

Hi there! My name is Adéla and I’m the Head of Finances for this year’s Summer Law School. I’m responsible for financial stability of this project and I make sure that we have enough finances for every activity we have planned for you. I also take care of payments so if you'll ever have a problem with that, just contact me.

See you there!!

Ludvík Zelinka - Head of Social Programme
Jan Kubíček - Head of Marketing
Lan Huong Pham Ngoc – Head of Logistics

We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused.

Focused on bringing You the best lecturers from around the world
We make sure our syllabus is well prepared for an effective learning.
Extensive research regarding topics of Brno Summer School to bring you relevant knowledge.